Project Description

Environmental Impact Statement for the 60 kV Electrical Utilization Line SE Barsi – SE LAP (Lima Airport Partners)

proyecto-SE-Barsi-SE-LAP-Lima-Airport-Partners Pepsa Tecsult


  • Location: District of Callao, Province of Callao.
    The SE Barsi begins in Meig Avenue, continues along Santa Rosa Avenue, then continues along Las Americas Avenue until it reaches the SE LAP.

  • Customer: Cobra Perú S.A.
  • Owner: Cobra Perú S.A.

proyecto-SE-Barsi-SE-LAP-Lima-Airport-Partners Pepsa Tecsult


Transmission Lines

Lines: Electric Utility Line
Voltage: 60 kV
Installation: Underground
Design power: 55 MVA (50MW, Cos Ø = 0.9)

Selected cable data

Description: Copper cable 630 mm² ;72.5 kV; XLPE
Conductor: COPPER
Min. cross-section: 630 mm²
Conductor diameter min. estimated 34.7 mm
Thickness of XLPE insulation: 11.4 mm estimated
Metal screen Corrugated aluminum
DC resistance at 20°C 0.0221 Ohm/km estimated.

Characteristics of the installation

Number of terns: 1
Layout: Flat. Trifolio (inside the tunnel under the river)
Cross bonding screen connection (01 cycle)
Type of installation. Subway, in tubes
Estimated radius of curvature > 1.5 m
Number of junction chambers c/linkboxes 2
Number of crossing boxes 6
Horizontal length 3.2 km (including 0.2 km of Rimac river crossing)

proyecto-SE-Barsi-SE-LAP-Lima-Airport-Partners Pepsa Tecsult
proyecto-SE-Barsi-SE-LAP-Lima-Airport-Partners Pepsa Tecsult

Scope of service

Elaboration of the Engineering for the Electrical Supply.
Elaboration of the Pre-operational Study.
Elaboration of the Operation Study.
Elaboration of all the files of authorizations and/or Permits corresponding to the Project: DIA, CIRA, River Crossing Permit, Railway Crossing Permit, Municipal Permit, etc.