We develop projects for the industrial and infrastructure sector. Our services include appraisals, tariff analysis, engineering design, infrastructure, construction, legal assessment, environmental impact studies, market studies, BOO and BOOT projects and technical assistance to investment banks.


We have carried out multiple projects for important companies on:

Planning of electrical power systems and industrial distribution systems

Evaluation of watersheds for hydropower generation purposes

Utility and industrial distribution network loss control and reduction

Remodeling, rehabilitation and expansion of industrial and mining electrical systems

Interconnection of isolated electrical systems

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Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult

Adequacy, remediation and environmental impact studies

Advice and management for easements and expropriations.

Supervision and testing of equipment and component manufacture

Remote control, remote monitoring, teleprotection, telecommunications and SCADA systems

Advice and management for obtaining permits, concessions and licenses.

Protection of electrical systems

Detailed engineering of electrical and mechanical installations, civil works and control and protection systems.

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