Environmental and social management

We offer comprehensive services in environmental and social management. We provide specialized advice for investment projects that require obtaining licenses and authorizations from the State and/or the surrounding communities. We develop EIAs, EIA sd, DIAs, ITS, PAMAs, CIRAs, PADs, Due Dillingence, Scopings, etc, for all sectors, mainly the electricity, mining and industrial sectors.


We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the handling and management of the environmental and social component, both in field issues and in the permits and procedures necessary to obtain the authorizations required by law.

Our focus in socio-environmental management, concentrates on meeting the objectives of our clients in an effective and agile way, generating value for the environment and the communities involved, in conventional as well as creative and innovative ways, always looking for a real sustainable development with agile, concrete and tangible results.

Our main services are:

Formulation and development of environmental studies and management tools such as PADs, DIAs, EIA sd, detailed EIA, etc.

Formulation and development of citizen participation plans

Design, coordination and implementation of participatory workshops and public hearings.

Seasonal sampling campaigns for baselines

Environmental monitoring and soil quality studies

Servicio Ambiental Pepsa Tecsult
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proyecto-SE-Barsi-SE-LAP-Lima-Airport-Partners Pepsa Tecsult
Servicio-Ambiental Pepsa Tecsult

Design, formulation, development, implementation and supervision of Community Relationship Plans.

Community Relations Management

Formulation and design of sustainable development plans

Economic valuation of impacts

Design, development and operation of environmental and social management plans


Polls or Social Scope

Due Dilligence

Counseling and management of social emergencies and crises.

Negotiations and achievement of social licenses

Studies and negotiation of easements

Obtaining a Certificate of Non-existence of Archaeological Remains – CIRA.

Formulation of biological baselines and surveys using LIDAR technology.

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