Transmission lines

Our experience covers the design, supply and construction of transmission lines up to 500 kV.
Initial studies cover load studies, route selection, field investigations, selection of voltage levels, determination of design parameters and construction methods.

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Our engineers are specialists in the selection of the conductor, material and configuration, the determination of the type of insulation for geographic areas as dissimilar as the heights of the Andes at more than 4000 m.a.s.l. or the desert Peruvian coast or areas with high industrial pollution. We design structures and their foundations for the most difficult terrain conditions.

The main activities that we develop at the level of Transmission Lines are the following:

Route recognition

Definition of traces – topographic works

Geological – geotechnical study

Soil resistivity measurements

Electromechanical and Civil Designs at Feasibility, Definitive and Detail Engineering levels.

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Metrics and budgets

Technical specifications for supplies, electromechanical assembly and civil works

Bidding and tender documents

Preparation of as-built drawings

Supervision and administration

Testing and commissioning

Electrical Distribution Networks

We develop projects for public distribution systems in urban and rural areas, as well as for industrial and commercial supplies, taking into account all the required aspects such as primary networks, substations, connections and metering systems.

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For industrial distribution projects our engineers have experience in the design, equipment selection, general layout, protection, control, automation and ancillary services for mining projects (subway mines, open pit, concentrator plants) and cement plants.

We place special emphasis on the selection of motors of all sizes and their implications on start-up, motor control center, cables and conductors, and we analyze the effects and propose solutions when there is equipment that alters the quality of the electrical supply (flicker, harmonics).

The main activities we develop at Distribution level are the following:

Demand and Zoning Study

Network configuration studies

Feasibility, Final and Detailed Engineering Studies

Supervision and administration

Testing and Commissioning

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