Power generation plants

PEPSA has extensive experience in power generation plants: hydroelectric, thermal, wind and solar. Also in the development of all study stages, from profiles, pre-feasibility, feasibility, basic engineering, final engineering, EPO’s, EO’s and construction.



Basic studies: Geology, Geotechnics, Hydrology, Sediments, Topography, Seismic Risk.

Feasibility, Definitive and Detail Engineering Studies.

Metrics and budgets.

Technical specifications of supplies.

Proyecto-Central Hidroeléctrica Cerro-del-Aguila Pepsa Tecsult
Proyecto-Expediente-Tecnico-Tuberia-Sifon-SACCO Pepsa Tecsult

Bidding and tender documents

Supervision and administration

Testing and commissioning

Advice and training for operation and maintenance

Rehabilitation and/or expansion projects

Services offered

Hydroelectric power plants have a high initial cost, so it is advisable to extend their useful life as much as possible, also evaluating, with the latest materials and manufacturing technologies, if it is possible to increase the capacity of the plant.

We offer our customers the services they require to evaluate this possibility, which may include the change to more efficient impellers, and the rewinding of the generators.

To ensure that the best alternative is chosen, our engineers will perform a preliminary inspection including non-destructive testing before making any recommendations.

Proyecto-Central Hidroeléctrica Cerro-del-Aguila Pepsa Tecsult

PEPSA TECSULT has engineers specialized in carrying out field studies to determine the condition of the electrical system and recommend whether it is necessary to change and/or modernize some of its components in order to extend its useful life or consider a total renovation.

Water resources

Proyecto-Expediente-Tecnico-Tuberia-Sifon-SACCO Pepsa Tecsult

Services offered

  • Studies of hydrographic basins for power generation purposes.
  • Reservoir operation simulation analysis.
  • Hydrometeorological studies of basins for hydroelectric use and strengthening.
  • Feasibility, definitive and detailed engineering studies of seasonal regulation dams.
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