Project Description

Detailed Environmental Plan (PAD) for Generation, Transmission and Distribution of ENOSA’s entire RTZ



  • Project: 9777

  • Location: ENOSA’s entire Area of Technical Responsibility.

    – All the provinces of the Department of Tumbes. (13 districts).
    – The provinces of Paita, Piura, Sechura, Sullana, Talara, Ayabaca, Huancabamba and Morropón of the Department of Piura (64 districts).
    – The Province of Lambayeque of the Department of Lambayeque (1 district, the District of Olmos).

  • Customer: Empresa Regional de Servicio Público de Electricidad Electronoroeste S.A.
proyecto-ENOSA Pepsa Tecsult


Electrical generation components, etc.

Actividad Desarrollada: Generación de Energía Eléctrica
Central: Huapalas Thermal Power Plant
Central: Quiroz Hydroelectric Power Plant
Central: Sicacate Hydroelectric Power Plant
Central: El Nogal-Chalaco Hydroelectric Plant

Electrical generation components, etc.

Activity Developed: Electric Power Transmission
Line: Transmission Line 60 kV S.E. Chulucanas – S.E. Morropón
Line: 60 kV Transmission Line S.E. Morropón – S.E. Loma Larga
SE: Loma Larga Electric Substation
SE: Morropon Electric Substation

Electrical generation components, etc.

Activity Developed: Electric Power Distribution
Electrical Distribution Substations
Support structures
Auxiliary infrastructures
proyecto-ENOSA Pepsa Tecsult
proyecto-ZRT-de-ENOSA Pepsa Tecsult
proyecto-ZRT-de-ENOSA Pepsa Tecsult
proyecto-ENOSA Pepsa Tecsult

Scope of service

  • Field work in all the areas that comprise ENOSA’s Area of Technical Responsibility to prepare the PAD.
  • Preparation of the Detailed Environmental Plan.
  • Management before other entities such as SERNANP, ANA, etc.
  • Presentation Elaboration of the Detailed Environmental Plan to the competent entity for approval.
  • Approval of the PAD by the competent entity.