Project Description

Feasibility Study of SAG Mill Turnaround under Major Maintenance

Proyecto Antapacay Pepsa Tecult


  • Project: 9673

  • Location: Province of Espinar, Department of Cusco.

  • Customer: Company Minera Antapaccay S.A.
Proyecto Antapacay Pepsa Tecult
Proyecto Antapacay Pepsa Tecult

Scope of service

  • Electrical analysis in permanent and transient regime of the starting and turning process of the SAG mills of the Antapaccay Plant.
  • Power flow analysis, voltage stability analysis in the critical loads of Mine Operations (Electric Shovels) and Antapaccay Plant.
  • Reactive compensation analysis, where the new adjustments and calibrations of the control system (Unitrol ABB and AC 800M – ABB equipment) of the 02 Synchronous Compensators were delivered. The necessary analog and/or digital signals to be connected for the Automatic Compensation System to operate in this new scenario were indicated.
  • Short-circuit analysis and coordination of the protections in the power circuits involved for this new scenario.
  • Conclusions and recommendations for achieving mill turns (rocking) in this new scenario during major maintenance.