Project Description

EPCM – Detailed Engineering Design, Equipment Procurement and Construction Management, Electromechanical Erection, Energization, Connection Tests and Commissioning of the 60 kV Transmission Line Project that will connect the Iquitos Nueva Thermal Power Plant with the Iquitos Substation of Electro Oriente S.A.

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  • Project: 9646

  • Location: District of Punchana, province of Maynas, Loreto region.

  • Customer: GenRent del Perú S.A.C.
  • Owner: GenRent del Perú S.A.C.

  • Financing: Own resources – Open Book System.

Proyecto GenRent Pepsa Tecsult


Lines SE Iquitos Nueva – SE Iquitos (Electro Oriente)
Voltage: 60 kV
Minimum capacity: 75 MVA
Approx. length: 14 Km (10.4 Km overhead and 3.6 Km subway, within the city of Iquitos)
Substation: Iquitos Nueva Iquitos (Electro Oriente)
Voltage: 220/60 kV 60 kV
Proyecto GenRent Pepsa Tecsult
Proyecto GenRent Pepsa Tecsult

Scope of service

1. Detailed engineering design

  • Design of civil works.
  • Design of electromechanical works.

2. Obtaining the construction license for the 60 kV transmission line.

3. Construction:

  • Procurement, purchase and transportation of equipment to the city of Iquitos.
  • Installation and construction with the transmission line equipment.

4. Construction management, electromechanical assembly, energization, connection tests and commissioning of the 60 kV transmission line..

5. Testing and commissioning.