Project Description

Consulting, Supervision and Control of the Project to Increase Plant Capacity to 250 Tm/Day of Dicalcium Phosphate.

Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult


  • Project: 9661

  • Location: District of Ventanilla, Constitutional Province of Callao.

  • Customer: Quimpac S.A.

Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult


QUIMPAC S.A., formerly known as Química del Pacífico S.A., was founded in 1964 and is engaged in the production and marketing of caustic soda, chlorine, dicalcium phosphate and other chemical products and salts for industrial and domestic use.

QUIMPAC is currently the only integrated producer of salt and chemical products in Peru, and one of the five largest producers of chlorine soda in South America.

QUIMPAC is developing the 250 MT/DIA Dicalcium Phosphate Expansion Project at its plant located in Callao, where the Detailed Engineering and Procurement is being carried out by Jacobs and has contracted FRAMI S.R.L. to execute the civil works and concrete; ESMETAL S.A.C. for the manufacture of metallic structures and CORMEI Contratistas Generales S.A.C. for the assembly of the plant.

In order to continue with the supervision works, Quimpac requires the supervision services for the execution of the works, so it has requested the consulting services of PEPSA TECSULT for the supervision of the works.

Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult
Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult
Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult
Proyecto QUIMPAC Pepsa Tecult

Scope of service

  • Advice on the technical details of the equipment related to the negotiation of the purchase order and services with Outotec and the construction contract with the EPC contractor.
  • Engineering review of the horizontal filter type Larox RT 2.1 x 11.2 LS 4 and its auxiliary accessories purchased from Outotec.
  • Review of the basic and detailed engineering for the new dicalcium phosphate plant for the expansion of production to 250 Tm/day, company in charge of the engineering: Jacobs Perú S.A.
  • Supervisor’s evaluation for factory quality control of the manufacturer’s horizontal filter type Larox RT 2.1 x 11.2 LS 4 and its ancillary accessories purchased from Outotec Peru under the direction of Outotec Finland.
  • Supervision of the fabrication of structures of the building Fosfato Bicálcico, contractor of the fabrication of structures: ESMETAL S.A.C.
  • Technical supervision and safety, health and environmental field supervision of the building construction: foundations, drainage, ground mesh, equipment bases, assembly of building structures, stairs and roofing.
  • Technical supervision and safety, health and environmental supervision in the field of the installation and assembly of the electromechanical equipment of the Larox RT Horizontal Filter and complementary equipment: process and vacuum pumps, tanks, water piping lines, compressed air, instrumentation air, helical conveyors, bridge cranes, motor control center, electrical wiring, lighting.
  • Technical supervision and participation in pre-operational testing, commissioning and in-service testing of the horizontal filter and complementary equipment.
  • Works performed at Quimpac Plant 2 – Oquendo Callao by the construction contractor: CORMEI Contratistas Generales S.A.C., according to the construction contract.