Project Description

Technical File for SACCO Siphon Pipe Replacement

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  • Proyecto: 9729
  • Location: District of Santa Rosa de Sacco, province of Yauli, department of Junín.

  • Customer: Statkraft Perú S.A.
Proyecto-Expediente-Tecnico-Tuberia-Sifon-SACCO Pepsa Tecsult


The Sacco siphon is part of the adduction system to the Oroya Hydroelectric Power Plant, which has been in operation for more than 100 years; however, the Sacco siphon pipe was installed in the 1930s.

Statkraft, operator of the Oroya Hydroelectric Power Plant, decided to perform an analysis of the Sacco Siphon, considering its age, the presence of cracks that have been provisionally repaired and the evidence of sediments in the horizontal section, as well as the improvement of its safe operation.

This analysis will allow us to decide on the following aspects:

Carry out total or partial maintenance of the siphon, which will guarantee an additional life span.
Replace the current siphon with another one, improving its operation, from the loading chamber and its spillway. Prepare the Detailed Technical File.
Adopt preventive measures in the event of a failure of the current siphon, studying its vulnerability and the risks to be mitigated.

To achieve the above, several alternatives for change will be analyzed, deciding on the one that offers the best technical-economic conditions.


Designation: Pressure pipe line
Application/use: Conveying water under pressure
Material: Carbon steel ASTM A36
Year of Manufacture: No exact reference
Operation date: 1974
Dimensions (approx.) Diameter: 1680 mm | Length: 394.86 m (394.86 ft)