Project Description

Definitive Engineering and Pre-Operational Study for the Humay 1000MW Thermal Power Plant and associated 500 kV substation.

proyecto Central-Termica-Humay


  • Location: District of Independencia, province of Pisco, department of Ica in Peru.

  • Customer: Gaz Et L’Energie S.A.C.
Proyecto Gaz-Et-LEnergie Pepsa Tecsult


Lines Humay – Estructura T-139 Humay – Estructura T-140
Voltage: 500 kV 500 kV
Minimum capacity: 1,400 MVA 1,400 MVA
Approx. length.: 5 Km 5 Km
Substation: Humay
Voltage: 500 kV
Proyecto Gaz-Et-LEnergie Pepsa Tecsult
Proyecto Gaz-Et-LEnergie Pepsa Tecsult
proyecto-Gaz-Et-LEnergie Pepsa Tecsult
proyecto-Gaz-Et-LEnergie Pepsa Tecsult

Scope of service

Development of the engineering to section the current line L-5032 and its connection at 500 kV up to the connection with the transformers of the generation units. The designs were made at the definitive engineering level (construction documents) including the Humay 500KV substation in GIS/AIS located within the power plant facilities.

  • Electrical studies of the system for the operation and design of the facilities required by the Committee of Economic Operation of the System (COES), including studies of energization and sizing of reactors, studies of load flows in normal state and contingencies, studies of short circuits, studies of transient and permanent stability, studies of electromagnetic transients such as line energizations, studies of reclosing, resonance, restoration voltages (TRV), energization of transformers. A Subsynchronous Resonance Study was also carried out to appreciate the effect of the Humay thermal power plant and its effect on the other power plants of the system.
  • Engineering design of Humay 500 kV substation, double busbar with switch and a half, two outlets for connection to the 567 MW Humay thermal power plant and two outlets for connection to the existing 500 kV transmission line L-5032 Chilca – Poroma.
  • Engineering design of 500 kV Transmission Lines Humay substation – T-339 structure and Humay substation – T-340 structure of the L-5032 line, installed in the same structures in a double-terminal configuration.
  • Engineering design of the sectioning between structures T-339 and T-340 of the 500 kV transmission line L-5032 Chilca – Poroma.
  • Engineering design of the 500 kV insulated power cables to link the Humay substation with the Humay thermal power plant.
  • Engineering design of the telecommunications and digital control system.